The Following are the various locations in Cyberspace. 

A vast system of transportation. Cyberspace is a collection of Subways, Transportation Tunnels, and Train Stations that connect humanity to every point of the Internet. Pixel Residents are able to use this transportation to get where they need to go..other than Earth. For some reason the Terminal leading to Earth is shut down.


The Pixels Universe has many iconic faces and figures, but none more Iconic then the program set in place to keep things running. Pixel, often referred to a Pix; is the AI program set in place by the creator to make sure that Pixels runs smoothly. It's unknown how old She/They are, but the theory stands that they've been around as long as the Pixels Universe itself. You can often find Pix in the 6 Cities. She means well most times and tends to appear in multiple places at once. There are multiple versions of Pix such as phone and computer AI's that denizens can call upon at any time. They are all connected to Pix and sometimes she'll make a physical appearance to assist the people of the Pixels Universe.


Another Iconic face is Pix's counterpart, Glitch. Glitch was the first virus to ever form in the Pixels Universe and the reason that the 7th City was separated from the others. She is the one who named it The Forgotten and took over the rule of the City. Glitch is also the reason Virus's are able to exist without being hunted in 'The Forgotten & The Dark Web'. Cracked devices have the ability to connect with Glitch, but given there is only one version of's very uncommon for her to show her face. After all, where Glitch goes a virus is sure to follow.


Long ago this used to be a glistening crystal city based on the Antarctic's of Earth. A vibrant ice and snow wonderland full of magic and memories. One fateful day a virus struck Pixels and the whole internet went dark. When everything was back on line it was discovered Pix separated the 7th City. Few know why and she doesn’t seem to talk about it when asked. Now, the 7th City is known as the Forgotten. A place where those left behind reside. When a story is forgotten or a trend fades away, the remnants end up here. Unfinished web comics, games that never finished being developed, and movies that never took off. The internet never had the chance to share the stories of the forgotten. Viruses can reside here without being hunted.

7th City.jpg

These locations are created by the Cosplayers part of the tag. If you have an area you’d like to add to the Pixels tag, it can be unofficially added under this Genre. Keep in mind, it doesn’t mean your character in the tag controls the area. If the area created is located outside the Forgotten & Darkweb, Pixels has control over the region. [As the tag owner, I promise not to do anything with your area without communicating with you first. Ultimately, it's your creation to contribute to the tag.


Remember, Illegal Characters Concepts such as Pedophiles and Rapists are forbidden from the Tag. The Dark Web region is an 18+ only cosplay segment of the tag. You are not allowed to play a character of the region or visit the region if under the age requirements.

Viruses run the black market and creations you normally wouldn't find in cyberspace can be found here. If you want an illegal avatar [Avatar not assigned by Pixel] or identity, you can probably purchase it on the Dark Web.

Dark Web 2.jpg