The 6 Cities of Pixels

The populace of Pixels can mostly be found in the 6 Cities based on the 7 Continents of Earth. Why don’t we have 7 Cities? Well, most have Forgotten the 7th due to the Incident. You know, the day things were Dark. Pixel doesn’t like anyone talking about that day… There is a place between the Six Cities & The Forgotten known as the Hub. The Hub is an interconnected location full of advertisements that tries to draw you into each individual city. It’s not uncommon for people to transport themselves to and from the Hub for Work.

Rainbow City.png

Rainbow City​

Based on Africa

A Colorful City of characters from all walks of life. Rainbow City is known for the Cultural Diversity that resides here and the Libraries that hold the knowledge of the Internet.

Livewire City

Based on Asia

If there is a Trend out there, it's probably rocking out here. This is where the Party that never sleeps resides. Gamer cons take place yearly and the greatest tournaments always have their finalies here. There is one specific competition called Livewire where the greatest gamers compete for the honor of seeing the inner workings of the 6 Cities.

Livewire City.jpg
The Green Mile.jpg

The Green Mile

Based on Australia

A residential district known for its getaways and vacation hotspots for the residents of Pixels. What makes it stand out from the other cities is the very distinct design of the architecture. Everything is green and lush, making it hard to discern nature from the city itself.

Pixel City

Based on Europe

This is another residential district based on Europe. This city is known to be the Cyber HQ of Pix and her Creator. The Creator hasn’t been seen for centuries so most look to Pix as the leader of the City. Given Pix calls Pixel City home, most will come to the city to meet with her. Those who don’t come to the City for Pix, usually visit for the newest bits of Tech that are available to the public.

Pixel City.jpg
Dataloss City.jpg

Dataloss City

Based on North America

Known for its Chaotic residents and Wild Theme park rides. This is a Residential district along with a communal city full of coffee shops and every busy streets. It’s prone to the occasional protests that speak out against Pix and her rule over the Pixels Universe.

Ratatouille City

Based on South America

A Cultural Diverse city full of beautiful sights. Partially a Residential area, this city is full of foodie flavors from all walks of life. Digital and Not. If the food exists somewhere, you will probably find it here. It’s not uncommon to find a certain rodents food chain here along with other inspiring chefs from the digital world.

Ratatouille City.png